2 o´clock!

Hello, I´m at school now. Ends today at 2 o´clock, I´m going home and play WII.

I am ready with all homework this week.

Yesterday I did my homework with my staff, she asked twelve table. And I responded all twelve table to her, and she was happy…! =)

Yes I quit 2 o´clock today yippi! :D

Right now I have English language…no student choice.

Tomorrow we will anniversary at student home Agnes birthday she becomes 15 years old next week.


I longing for little Ville! =)

And went to summer house with my sisters and Askur, we will travel by boat and go fishing…!

I do not know what to write.


We see you later! =)

Postat av: anna o askur

va duktigt du är=) saknar diiig=)

2010-03-24 @ 20:33:13

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